“Nature Reclaimed handcraft, guilt-free gift options, inspired by nature, and made using upcycled bottles”

About Us

During Lockdown we were sad to see the huge increase in litter, due to the bins in our local parks being overwhelmed by people trying to meet safely to socialise outdoors. Inspired by an online article about the Swedish phenomena 'plogging', a pastime combining picking litter and jogging, my husband Olly began to clear small pockets of our local greenspaces on his runs. 

The majority of the rubbish was safely disposed of, but any more interesting finds, in particular the glass bottles, were brought home. It soon became clear that they had huge potential to be used again, repurposed into something new.

After some experimentation and a fair amount of trial and error! we were able to begin turning the bottles into the beautiful glass that you see on our website. From there it didn't take long for us to decide how best to use them, filling each one with 100% natural wax, blended with pure essential oils, inspired by nature.

In addition to the bottles that we have found, we also re-purpose glass from local households and will take back any of our finished candles, in exchange for a discount on a new one. See our 'Sustainability Page' for an interactive map of the bottle locations.

We love our local greenspaces, we love blending and lighting our candles and we hope you will love them too.

From Katy and the Nature Reclaimed Family x